Not only for vegan's, but curious carnivores too....


We are Seitan’s Jackfruit Garden: Mobile food traders specialising in Vegan food, but with a twist...vegan fast food: 'naughty food made good!'

Creating Seitan kebabs, Shekin nuggets, Jackfruit Gyros, beerwursts, succulent burgers's and of course the much-loved chips! We have avoided using Soya as a main ingredient due to its processed nature and destructive farming. Therefore, using inventive ingredients to delight the taste buds.

.....We make everything ourselves so the food is always fresh and delicious.

what is seitan?

Seitan is made from Vital Wheat Gluten flour. This flour is transformed by mixing with flavours and kneading to create an excellent meat substitute, which is protein-packed (60 grams per cup!), cholesterol-free, low-carb and a good source of minerals like selenium and iron (but…as the name suggests it is pure gluten).

Seitan first appeared during the sixth century as an ingredient in Asian cuisine and has been a common meat substitute for more than a thousand years. It is super versatile and can be used in many ways taking on the flavour of what it is cooked with, it can be fried, grilled, roasted, sautéed…

Shop brought seitan products can be heavily processed, with added high amounts of sodium and other preservatives and additives, we create our own Seitan, from from scratch,therefore we know exactly what has gone into our recipe and who has prepared it.




seitan doner kebab.jpg
seitan kebab2.jpg
seitan kebab3.jpg

Using seitan in our kebabs; taking the traditional

doner-kebab and turning it into a vegan alternative

full of taste and flavour as well as using in our

Shekin nuggets, steak burgers and beerwursts.

A much healthier meat alternative created from plant

based ingredients.

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And Introducing Jackfruit: a great meat free alternative we make tasry gyros with this emulating pulled pork, we use in curries and our jack-frish taking on the appearance and texture of fish but tasting much nicer! (and not as smelly!)

Jackfruit is highly nutritious, full of fibre and low in fat, it is set to dominate the vegan/vegetarian food scene



Double shots of 5 strength Lavazza all d

And as if that isnt enough....

We believe everyone has the right to tasty good quality coffee, which is why we have our beautiful barista espresso machine to serve you great coffee!

Our Van is our kitchen garden, a truly unique truck, and this is where the magic happens.

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