100% VEGAN 


       All our food is homemade, we know exactly what goes in...good to know

fall in love with our food on Valentines weekend!

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 * SEITAN Doner-Kebab:

Vegan Seitan, thinly sliced with a smoky paprika taste, stuffed in warmed pitta with salad, chilli sauce, jalapenos and homemade tzatziki.


 * loaded 5oz Burger:

 succulent seitan and tofu patty marinated in a juicy sauce, served in a brioche bun, with salad, melted not- cheese, dried onions, gherkins, ketchup and mayo.


* Shekin strip & smashed avo burger:

Blonde Seitan and tofu strips covered in panko breadrumbs served in a brioche bun with smashed lightly chilli-ed avocado and lettuce


Jackfruit marinated, wrapped in nori, dipped in batter and deep fried. Comes with chips and a refreshing pea & Mint dip to accompany.

(dip contains sesame seeds)

LARGE: 3 pieces of frish

SMALL: 2 pieces of frish

 sm: 6.

 lge: 8. 


 *Just Jack-frish

 If you want the frish and dip, no chips. 3 pieces as described above, with pea & Mint dip

(dip contains sesame seeds)



 * Mac & Cheese with seitan   beikan

Macaroni pasta in a lush cheese sauce with seitan beikan pieces topped with spring onions 

(Cheese sauce made with cashew nuts)


 * shekin Nuggets:

  7 pieces of delight; white seitan covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried (condiment these up!)


 * Notzzorella sticks:

 3 oo-zing vegan filled 'notzzorella' sticks, covered in panko breadcrumbs and deep fried!!!

(Contains cashew nuts)


 * chunky Chips:

    no description needed!                    


 * Dips:

perfect accompaniments:

   *Aioli (garlic mayo)


   *Pea & Mint dip (contains sesame seeds)



​​​ brownies:

 Delicious gooey brownies filled with chunks of chocolate:


  *peanut butter


 *Fentimans Cola

 *Fentimens Ginger Beer




    1 burger or kebab








We will be delivering Friday 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th February. Orders being taken now...

If you would like your food for Friday order by midday Friday,

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 We will except cash or will carry a contactless card machine for payments.

***All deliveries must be over £12.

***We can only deliver to the Brighton & Hove area

***collection is an option if further out of area

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Please be aware that Seitan is Pure gluten, if gluten intolerent Seitan will not be suitable! What is seitan?

We aim to avoid using palm oil/fat in our foods.