100% Vegan

  • Vegan Doner-Kebab:

Vegan Seitan meat with a smoky paprika taste. stuffed in warmed pitta with salad, chilli sauce and tzatziki.

  • Naked Kebabs:

Smokey paprika seitan meat with salad, chilli sauce, jalapenos and tzatziki boxed up



  • B-B-q pulled Jackfruit Gyro:

Pulled Jackfruit, and red onion in a B-b-q marinade with salad and tzatziki stuffed in warm pita.

  • Shekin Nuggets: 6 pieces of delight; white seitan covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried


  • Chips: no description needed!

  • Chessey chips


  • Sloppy Jacks: chips, b-b-q jackfruit topped with not mozzarella


  • Sweet Seitan strips: seitan strips smothered in maple syrup

  • Onion Bhaaji's: 3 pieces of deep fried onion heaven



watch this space for new: seitan steak burgers and bratwursts!!!

Hot Drinks: All coffee drinks

made with Fairtrade freshly

ground coffee and double


Made with oat milk...

  • Cappuccino

  • Latte

  • Mocha

  • Americano

  • Espresso

  • Hot chocolate

  • Normality Tea





Allergen information:

Please be aware that most of our food does contain or has been in contact or produced in environment with:

  • peanuts

  • nuts

  • sesame seeds

  • soya

  • wheat

  • gluten

  • celery

  • mustard

  • lupin

  • sulphur dioxide/ sulphites

If in doubt, please do not buy as we cannot be held responsible.