100% Vegan

            All our food is homemade, we know exactly what goes in...good to know!

our menu is always changing, we do not always sell everything that is on this menu, so if you want something specific for your event just let us know, here what we do:

  • Vegan Doner-Kebab:

Vegan Seitan meat with a smoky paprika taste. stuffed in warmed pitta with salad, chilli sauce, jalapenos and tzatziki.

  • Naked Kebabs:

Smokey paprika seitan meat with salad, chilli sauce, jalapenos and tzatziki boxed up



  • B-B-q pulled Jackfruit Gyro:      (GF)

Pulled Jackfruit, and red onion in a B-b-q marinade with salad and tzatziki stuffed in warm pita.

  • 5oz Steak Burger:

 seitan steak marinated in juicy sauce, served in brioche bun, with salad, not cheese, dried onions and gherkins

  • Loaded Beerwurst:

  Seitan and Tofu 9" sausage in bap loaded with sauerkraut, dried onions and gherkins

  • Shekin Nuggets:

 6 pieces of delight; white seitan covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried


  • Sloppy Jacks:      (GF)

  loaded chips topped with b-b-q jackfruit and not mozzarella

  • Chips: no description needed!   (GF)

  • Chessey chips


  • Onion Bhaaji's: 3 pieces of deep fried onion heaven (GF)



Our menu is always rotating,

dishes are dependent on event.

Hot Drinks: All coffee drinks

made with Fairtrade freshly

ground coffee and double


Made with oat milk...

  • Cappuccino

  • Latte

  • Mocha

  • Americano

  • Espresso

  • Hot chocolate

  • Normality Tea





Allergen information:

Please be aware that most of our food does contain or has been in contact or produced in environment with:

  • peanuts

  • nuts

  • sesame seeds

  • soya

  • wheat

  • gluten

  • celery

  • mustard

  • lupin

  • sulphur dioxide/ sulphites

If in doubt, please do not buy as we cannot be held responsible.